The Dragon, The Princess and the Wizard – Available on Audible – 5 stars

17 May 2021

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The Dragon, The Princess, & The Wizard is a magical bedtime story for children. written by Enid Hathaway and narrated by Louise Ashcroft.  At the heart of the story is the belief that we are more than our fear and that friendship transforms.

To deliver the story, I chose a warm and playful narrator voice and created character voices to bring to life the evil Wizard, the determined Annabelle and Froodles – the friendliest Dragon, ever.

Set in the faraway kingdom of Zarnia, we meet Princess Annabelle who has a problem. At her birth, a dastardly wizard placed a spell on her, preventing her from becoming Queen. With Annabelle’s parents soon to retire, the Kingdom is in trouble.

To save the Kingdom, Annabelle must free herself from the curse.  She sets off one day in search of a solution. With the help of a newly found friend and a big dose of courage, Annabelle hatches a plan to beat the curse.

Will Annabelle become the Queen she wants to be and bring peace to Zarnia?

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