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Bringing stories to life


Bright, Warm, Articulate.

English, RP / Northern 30s – 40s
The Bill, Little Miss Jocelyn, BBC Radio 4,
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Explainers, eLearning projects, corporate videos, audio dramas, audiobooks, poetry readings, IVR, documentaries, commercials and audio tours.

I’m a London-based British voiceover artist with 5 years of experience. Over this time, I’ve voiced across a variety of genres and mediums, from poetry readings for BBC Radio 4 through to world changing ideas for NESTA. A classical singer and actor who has been described as ‘extraordinary’, my musicianship and storytelling skills produce a nuanced read and I have the ability to dial up or down the smile in my voice. Offering believabilty and a fresh sound, I bring stories to life and pursue excellence with good cheer.

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Collaborative, curious and a great listener, I have experience in the creative and corporate sectors. I’m ideal for projects that require:

  • A unique, fresh voice
  • Memorable characters
  • Honest to goodness tips and advice
  • Humorous or irreverent reads
  • Reassuring reads
  • Hope, optimism or curiosity

Home Studio Description

Purpose built vocal booth in a small room acoustically treated for a clean sound.

Recording hardware:

  • SHURE SM7B dynamic microphone
  • RODE NT1A condensor microphone
  • BEHRINGER U-PHORIA audio interface
  • TRITONAUDIO fethead
  • RoXdon metal pop filter
  • HP60 closed-back headphones


  • Audacity
  • Adobe Audition


  • Skype
  • Zoom

Voiced for

“Brought to life by Louise Ashcroft getting into role admirably.”

Glyn Mon Hughes, Daily Post